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Lago Vista Village

Lago Vista, TX

Site Location

Proposed Site Plan


Flood Map

Drive Times

Site Pictometry

Tapestry Map

The property falls into the "L2 Upscale Avenues & L12 American Quilt"

The detailed financial information and projections transmitted here have been presented for information purposes only. The information contained herein is based on certain assumptions, calculations, and other financial data made or obtained by Cooper Commercial Group, LLC, and is based on the best available information and analysis at the time the information was put together. The information may not have been updated since it was originally prepared and may be outdated, and remains subject to change. There can be no assurance that such information and projections will prove to be accurate. The information transmitted herewith is for the confidential use of only those persons to whom it is transmitted in connection with the transactions contemplated, and may not be reproduced, provided to others, or used for any other purpose without the express written consent of Cooper Commercial Group, LLC. In addition, a number of factors may affect the projections set forth herein including, but not limited to, interest rates, ability to find suitable projects and developers, general economic conditions, zoning, and a number of other economic, governmental, and environmental issues. The projections herein contain assumptions with regard to certain levels of development and sales activity, which may or may not occur. In addition, the projections assume a certain timetable for equity and incentives fundraising and for the placement of a substantial credit facility, and the terms and size of each, which may vary. There can be no assurance that the targeted performance, rates of return, cash flows, or other projected financial information and targets can or will be achieved and the actual results may vary substantially. The information presented herein is provided for discussion purposes only. No offering of interests in Cooper Commercial Group, LLC is made or implied as a result of the circulation hereof. The projections and other information discussed herein are subject to revision.

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